Account Based Programmatic

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The Roles of Marketing and Sales are sliding

Forbes Magazine wrote in May 2018: The decisions are often made prior to ever engaging with your company or sales representative. In fact, according to a report by Forrester, 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online.


Marketing today is taking over a large part of Sale’s role in the customer’s decision-making process turning digital. Whereas Sales primary focus shifts to negate with clients, close deals, secure contracts, and further develop and empower the customer relationship. 

The difficulty in branding and broad reach is that the internet is congested with irrelevant traffic. How does one reach the right customers, the accounts on your prospect list, and exclude the others?


Account Based Programmatic uses the IP address of the domain name gateway and ensures that only people who is using that particular gateway get to see your add, message, video, etc. 

Only the accounts relevant to you are reached. The rest, even your competitors never see your message to the market. 

In short Account Based Programmatic enables you to:

•    Reach named large accounts of your choice online with 100% accuracy
•    Engage all stakeholders digitally
•    Monitor the whole span of selected accounts, their interest in you, and assessing the nature of their interest.
•    Manage creatives at account level hence manage account engagements 1:1 at the line item level
•    Manage media inventory per category or custom white list
•    Reach only the accounts you want to and at the same way GDPR compliant

It cannot be more direct and precise while at the same time secure brand reach at the broadest still relevant level within each of the accounts that are targeted. It ensures absolute brand recognition and awareness in the business that is targeted, becoming a house brand with your key accounts. The monitoring features will enable the marketer to allocate sales resources precisely to high yield accounts harnessing the present opportunities in the market. 

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