Generating direct leads through AI

The data comprising households and who the consumer is socially and demographically is abundant. Alone in Scandinavia, there's about 800 free datasets that use the address, or the person associated that address, as key. 

Knowing that the consumer today is likely to be the same tomorrow and identical to yesterday's consumer, we can use this data to get direct access to customers more relevant in context than any other data processes. 

We take your customer data and run it through 5 different algorithms determining the dominant variables and their pattern against a vast number of data sets. By doing so we can design a customized lead generation model that when set to operate rewrites itself and increasingly becomes more and more precise while at the same time remain synchronized with changes in the customer base. 


Using deterministic data and not behavioral data one shall have in mind that the socioeconomic status of a household to a large degree determines the relevance of the offered product.

The model can also determine churn, financial risk, and other customer management challenges which reaps the benefits and potential of your customer base,