Direct communication - how direct?

Traditionally, direct communication is associated with print communication and old school segmentation. Needless to say that going 1:1 by sending a customer a letter is direct as can be. Taking those strengths and applying them to online technology and advanced data modeling, you expand the array of possibilities closing the gap between reach and conversion. 

Today, direct is enhanced to many things because we have data and better tools. DirectData specializes in defining how direct you can go to your customer. We do not design complex customer journeys and advanced trigger points to educate the customer to buy your product. We already know they need your product derived from our data modeling using your customer data as a benchmark. 

Examples of how direct you are able to go can be observed in BtB programmatic account-based advertising or using deterministic data in Facebook Custom Audience in Facebook Business Manager. 

BtB account-based advertising using fixed IP data

By using the fixed IP address on potential clients your sales proposal can hit these clients precisely and effectively when employees of the prospect browse the Internet for information. Not only is it precise but you can tailor your message to your clients' needs and the best of all is that your competitor doesn't know it. If you don't have a wishlist of relevant clients - say you want to enter a new market - DirectData can identify the most relevant clients in that market by examining your existent customer base and their digital footprints. All this is performed from one central dashboard with a click away fully integrated into whatever sales or marketing application stack you use.

Facebook custom audience targeting

DirectData uses publicly available data that is linked to over 800 datasets about consumer households merge them with Facebook's powerful custom audience algorithm to make target groups that are extremely precise. While not entirely direct 1:1 it is as close as you can get without having permission from the consumer. We have created audiences that outperform what Facebook sets as a success factor for digital advertising by more than 60 fold better.